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Take advantage of the passion and expertise of a company who treats taxidermy as an art form with Kyle at Twisted Tines Taxidermy.

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We are a member of the Wisconsin Taxidermist Association and have been a licensed taxidermy studio since 2007.

Treat your taxidermy project like the investment it is

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Have your mount and hunting memories brought into your home using taxidermy techniques acquired and refined over years of experience.

Ensure you are putting your game in good hands - we stand behind all of our work.  Your needs will be met and we will exceed  your expectations with every job.

Licensed Taxidermy Studio Since 2007


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Hi, my name is Kyle Lakey and welcome to Twisted Tines Taxidermy Studio. A full time taxidermy studio located in Galesville, WI. I've been a licensed taxidermy studio since 2007. I grew up in Trempealeau, WI, a small Mississippi river town in the middle of beautiful bluff and farm country. I grew up with the love of  the outdoors since before I can remember. Catching my first fish when I was 3 years old and tagging along with my dad hunting any chance I could get until I was old enough to hunt myself. My favorite book from before I could even read was Mammals of North America, which I still have today, where my mom tells me we would flip through and look at all the pictures over and over identifying the different species. My love of the outdoors, hunting, and fishing has taken me many places on many adventures over the years. My passion for hunting has steered towards bow hunting since I started at age 12 along with my other loves of trapping and waterfowl/upland bird hunting. I since have chased all of Wisconsin's big and small game living in the heart of big buck country as well as having developed an addiction with going west on archery big game hunting adventures with friends and family chasing elk, mule deer, antelope, and other western game.


My interest in taxidermy started back when I was young in grade school growing up in an elementary school that is very focused on the environment and the outdoors. The school is filled with displays and dioramas of hundreds of North America's wildlife species mounts. I started messing with simple mounts of things I'd find in the woods or get from animals my dad would get like squirrel and grouse tails, turkey feathers, and such. My interest in taxidermy really took a turn from my uncle who has been a taxidermist in Marshfield, WI since I can remember so visiting them on family occasions would lead to me wanting to visit his shop any chance we got to see what he was working on. When I graduated from high school I decided to attend the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point for wildlife management and ecology where I graduated with a BS in 2010. During my freshman year I harvested a couple nice bucks and my uncle offered me to come to his shop and learn how to do taxidermy with him. I really enjoyed doing taxidermy and knew I wanted to make it something I'd do forever so while attending college i got some of my own equipment and started doing mounts for people I knew. This quickly grew into a full time business before I even finished college doing close to 100 mounts a year. Besides taxidermy I was given the opportunity to go to Alaska to commercial fish salmon in the summer of 2007 where my love for Alaska and its vast country and love for the fishing work has me hooked. I since have continued to work the salmon fishing industry for 2 months every summer while running my full time taxidermy shop the rest of the year.


I joined the Wisconsin Taxidermists Association and took some pieces to the state competition in 2009 where I did well for a first time competitor but the knowledge I gained attending the show and inspirations for what taxidermy can really be artistically set things in motion to want to produce the most lifelike and unique custom taxidermy art. I quickly learned how studying wildlife and their characteristics as well as habits is needed to recreate the most lifelike mounts possible and I had been kind of doing it since I was little without even knowing. Now with experience and using this reference of live animals I have improved and won many awards at multiple taxidermy shows. This love of doing taxidermy has translated over to the enjoyment of bringing customer's memories of hunts back to life again and seeing their excitement of picking up their trophy. I feel very fortunate to have a full time taxidermy studio where I can share what I enjoy with customers. I work hard and treat every trophy as if it were my own using the best methods and materials in the industry to produce a mount that will last you a lifetime. Thanks you for visiting Twisted Tines Taxidermy Studio. Hunt Safe, Hunt Often, and I Hope to See Your Trophy Soon.


Take Care, Kyle

Kyle Lakey- Taxidermist/Artist