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Ensure you will be able to get the quality trophy you desire by carefully reading our trophy field care tips before you head out to hunt or call before going on a traveled hunt for information on how to take care of a specimen and how to arrange getting it home in good condition.

Preserve the memory of your hunt using field care

What should I do when I have a bird that I want to mount?

• Don’t gut or place in game pouch

• Bring bird in ASAP or freeze in a plastic bag with the head tucked under the wing and the feathers as smooth as possible

What should I do when I have a game head I want to mount?

What should I do when I have an animal I want done life-size?

• Don’t slit the ears, slash the throat, drag behind an ATV or hang by the neck

• Avoid getting skin wet or hanging for extended periods of time

• Freeze a velvet rack or bring in ASAP

• Don't gut and call me for skinning instructions

• Freeze whole unless brought in ASAP

• Bear should be skinned immediately - then remove excess meat and fat, freeze, and bag in plastic - do NOT roll the hide

Give us a call with any questions about taking care of your animal and for instructions on field care and transportation when taking trips out of state to ensure you get the highest quality

mount back.

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